Arts and Crafts Home – Entrance

This lovely old home built around the 1900’s had once had a grand entrance.  Over the years the entrance had been altered and needed to be taken back to it’s former glory.

The entrance had black and white tile finish vinyl with the walls painted red, green and blue.  It became an area for dumping ‘the day’ rather than an entrance.  Previous ‘renovated detailing’ was removed to open the space and allow for an entrance into the home and a sunny spot to have a cup of tea.  The floor was tiled with traditional tiles of the era.  The walls still had the original paneling and needed to be highlighted, so we used a strong burnt orange to compliment the tiles and kept the timber work crisp white.

Paul and Sue Coe 021a

Before – a dumping ground for the day


After – Cleans lines of traditional ceramic tiles

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